LED Coffee Table Plays Four-Way Pong (Can Surface Do That?)

Well, yes, it probably could, but as yet it's only there for picking the interior colour for your new BMW and the like. So for now, this DIY coffee table with a matrix of 4,092 LEDs is what I want in my living room. Using 65 microcontrollers and four Atari 2600 joysticks, the circuit wizards at Sparkfun have loaded their LED table with four-way cooperative Pong, which actually looks like a lot of fun in action.

It's not the best video, but you can see what's going on. Players on each edge of the table block the balls that keep increasing in number to cooperatively boost the score until someone can't keep up. Aside from old-school games, the table can also display some pretty great graphics:

Think of it as a DIY Lite-Brite (although I still want the Luminodot). [Sparkfun]

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