LaserGames Finally Make Laser Pointers Good for Something

We know that a few of you use laser pointers for board meetings, but the majority of you probably pulled that whole laser-on-the-screen trick at movie theatres when affordable versions first hit. But the problem with the latter application, other than annoying yours truly, was that shining a laser at Tom Cruise's face did nothing to interact with the film, like reveal the green face of Xenu.

In this clip, we see a simple laser pointer interacting with a game in a similar fashion to a wireless mouse. But an installation like this (armed with a projector packing enough lumens, of course) could make for a blindingly good outdoor interactive game (if the world ever gets more awesome and such things materialize in mass throughout our public spaces). Until then, I guess there's always "enjoying" nature. [LaserGames via Engadget]

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