Kodak Wireless OLED Picture Frames Are For Hi-Res Digipic Viewing

While OLEDs are still a little too small to be used as full fledged television sets, there's at least one job where the high-resolution, vividly coloured screens function incomparably—as high end digital picture frames! Kodak's new ultra-thin 7.6-inch OLED Wireless panel boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio, 800x480 resolution, and a white to black contrast ratio of 30,000:1.

The panel comes with 2GB of built-in internal memory, but includes an additional built-in memory card reader and a USB port. In case that's not enough, the panel can also link up to internet content from Kodak Gallery, Flickr and FrameChannel. If you've got about $US1000 to spare, look out for it in the "cool gadgets for rich people" section of your neighbourhood electronics store this holiday season.

Unmatched Image Quality from Any Viewing Angle Delivered by Kodak-invented OLED Technology

ROCHESTER, NY, September 17, 2008 - Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) today introduced the world's first consumer-available wireless picture frame featuring innovative Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, a Kodak invention that produces exceptionally sharp and vivid image quality. The frame will be on display at the Kodak booth (Hall 5.2) at Photokina.

OLED technology generates greater colour depth and saturation than other displays, viewed on panels that are substantially thinner, resulting in a sleek, low-profile design.

The new KODAK OLED Wireless Frame also features built-in Wi-Fi technology that expands the user's experience by enabling access to pictures, videos and music stored on PCs in other rooms, as well as connectivity to online photo and video sharing sites and Internet content portals for news, weather, sports and more.

At the heart of the new KODAK OLED Wireless Frame is an ultra-thin, 7.6-inch diagonal digital panel that produces stunning image detail, when viewed from any angle. The viewing experience is further enhanced by Kodak Perfect Touch technology, which automatically processes images to improve exposure, brightness and colour, and KODAK Image Science, which optimizes image quality for display on OLED panels.

"We're tremendously proud to introduce this exciting new picture frame," says Pete Jameson, General Manager, Digital Devices Group, Eastman Kodak Company. "Kodak is a worldwide market and technology leader in digital picture frames, and OLED technology was created by Kodak, making us uniquely positioned to bring the benefits of OLED to consumers."

Kodak's extensive achievements in OLED development and innovation were recently recognised by a 2008 Technology Leadership Award from business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

"In addition to spectacular image quality, the new frame's Wi-Fi connectivity delivers rich experiences that clearly demonstrate Kodak's commitment to help people unleash the power of their personal content," Jameson adds.

The KODAK OLED Wireless Frame requires no backlighting, and incorporates an ambient light sensor that optimizes the viewing experience by adjusting display brightness based on the surrounding light. Kodak has also designed a premium audio system into the frame, providing outstanding sound reproduction when enjoying videos, digital music and online content.

"Experiencing your memories easily and vibrantly is what KODAK Digital Frames are all about - people want their images to look their best," says Jameson. "Our new OLED frame represents a broad and dynamic future for an exciting new generation of KODAK products that deliver unsurpassed image quality and unprecedented clarity and colour in capturing and reliving life's moments."

Benefits delivered by the KODAK OLED Wireless Frame:

· Enjoy spectacularly crisp images and videos on a 7.6-inch diagonal OLED screen, with 180° viewing angle.
· Experience extraordinary colour, rich details and vivid image depth from the high-contrast luminous display (white to black ratio = >30,000:1)
· Experience high quality, lifelike video playback with sharp, seamless motion
· Upload images and videos to the frame from a digital camera, memory cards, USB drives, or wirelessly from personal computers and the Internet via built-in Wi-Fi capability.
· Transfer pictures from a PC to a KODAK OLED Wireless Frame even more effortlessly with the new KODAK EASYSHARE Digital Display Software. In addition to organizing and editing pictures, this software makes it easy to move favourite pictures, slideshows, videos and music wirelessly from a computer directly onto the frame. Digital Display Software also enables access to exciting Internet content available at KODAK Gallery, and Kodak partners Flickr and FrameChannel.
· Store up to 10,000 images* on the frame's 2 GB of built-in internal memory (actual storage capacity will vary based on image content).
· Enjoy pictures and videos from many sources with built-in memory card reader and USB port.
· Wide screen display with 16:9 aspect ratio and 800x480 resolution.

Pricing and Availability

The KODAK OLED Wireless Frame will retail for US $999 (MSRP) and will be available at kodak.com beginning in the 2008 holiday season, with additional online and retail distribution to be announced.

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