Kenwood Hibachi Speaker-Lighting Concept Sits Weirdly in Your Room Centre

Kenwood's Hibachi is a strange creature: half-lighting system, half-wireless audio system, and designed to sit in your home and provide ambient lighting and to match your mood. Inside its bowl-like form sits a three-speaker system, wireless receiver, lighting and battery: the lights also indicates the charge status of the battery, which should let the device run for a whole day. The wireless audio works 30m from the source, so presumably you could sit this baby in your garden on a sunny day as well as pop it somewhere inside. It's weird, but since it's a blend of sort-of traditional and vaguely-modern thinking, I like it. No word on whether it'll make it into a real product, but probably not too hard to do a DIY. [Kenwood Design via Newlaunches]

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