Iron Is Chrome Spin-Off for Tin-Foil Hatters

German security company SRWare likes Chrome but not as much as their tin-foil hats, which is why they have created Iron. Iron is a Chrome derivative that has been developed to protect your intimacy by stopping the control that Google has over your data. I don't know if it addresses Chrome fatal flaw, but if you don't want to relay any information to the New Galactic Empire, its features list will make you happy:

• Doesn't use a unique user-ID, which theoretically can be used to track and identify you. Iron doesn't.
• No time stamp.
• No suggestion engine.
• Doesn't send information to Google when there's a page that fails to load.
• Doesn't send error reports to Google.
• Doesn't update automatically.
• There's no URL tracker.

[SRWare via Slashdot]

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