iRex Delivers New 1000 Series E-Readers

Last week iRex promised that a "new era in digital reading" would begin on the 22nd. While the new 1000 series isn't exactly a "new era," iRex has been in the e-reader biz since the beginning and their new lineup is certainly worth checking out. Available in 1000, 1000s and 1000SW flavors, the new iRex devices deliver a 10.2-inch b&w e-ink display with both the 1000s and SW sporting a stylus. The 1000SW also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. The 1000 and 1000S are priced at $US649 and $US749 respectively—and although the SW is not yet live on in the iRex shop, expect to pay around $US900 for the luxury of wireless connectivity. [iRex]

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