iPod Touch Version 2 Hands On

The most noticeable thing about the second-gen iPod touch is just how thin it feels in your hand. The tapered edges make it feel like last year's iPod nano, and it isn't as heavy or dense feeling as the 1g iPod touch. As Jobs stated in the keynote, the built-in speaker really is for casual listening, as it's not loud enough to cut through the crowds here. But when held to the ear, it sounds decent enough for what it is.

The volume switch feels the same as the iPhone's, adding a crucial feature to the media player. While the 2d dimensions remain the same, iPod touch v.2 almost feels narrower compared to the original. The black patch for the Wi-Fi radio is now oval shaped and is less conspicuous than before. Other than that, screen is the same, software is (relatively) the same, it's just a better iPod touch.

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