iPhone Factory Girl Just Small Town Girl Living in a Lonely World, 'Really Scared' by Media Attention

Last week, we all breathed a sigh of relief that the adorable iPhone factory girl wasn't fired for popping up on a brand new iPhone 3G, and proooobably wasn't killed. But she is scared. All of the media attention (yes, like this post, sorry) has made the girl, who came "to the city from her remote hometown" apparently "really scared by the media," so much so that she wants to quit!

While Foxconn gave her the day off to rest, it looks like previous suggestions that she become a face for the factory or come pre-loaded on every iPhone might not be on her agenda. Or, this could all be an elaborate ruse for them to replace her with an even cuter girl. Don't worry, we won't ever forget you, real iPhone girl, the internet never forgets. [VNU Net]

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