Imperial Sportstroopers Invade the Beijing Olympics

First the Lego Galactic Empire invaded Earth thanks to the stormtroopers cloning machine, and now they are running their own edition of the Olympic Games. This gallery of Imperial Sportstroopers by the incredibly talented Alan Chia is both beautiful and hilarious.

But more importantly, Alan's skills and imagination show one of the countless possible themes for our Go Miniman Go Challenge video contest.

In case you missed it, Gizmodo and Lego are celebrating the Go Miniman Go Challenge video contest to mark the 30th anniversary of the Lego minifig. By sending your short video centered around Lego's most famous icon you will be able to win a lot of prizes, including two priceless Lego vintage sets. And if you are into photography, remember that Brothers Brick is running a photography contest too.

Talking about which, we have got our first entry in the mail yesterday, so hurry up with yours. You can read the rules here. [Go Miniman Go]

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