If a Porsche Shacked Up With an iPod Dock, You'd Get the Eton P'9120

Can you imagine all the little Eton brothers and sisters sitting around the dinner table, when in walks the Eton P'9120? Its speakers and remote are different...not like mummy or daddy's at all. Awwwwkward. Anyway, the Eton P'9120 is a Porsche-designed Eton iPod dock packing an alarm clock and XM satellite radio antenna. And its remote, for some strange reason, includes a flashlight as well. Going for US$600, the P'9120 is not quite as beautiful as the real thing, but as an entry, entry level Porsche, it'll do. Besides, if you don't adopt this poor Eton radio, daddy might figure things out. [Eton via DVICE]

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