HP Vivienne Tam Special Edition Laptop Gets Fashionable Debut on NYC Catwalk

New York City fashion week may be a strange place to debut the average new laptop, but it's very fitting for HP's Vivienne Tam Special Edition machine. She was approached by HP to design them a new laptop, and she came up with something that's apparently a "true reflection of the needs of a modern woman who cares about fashion but is also passionate about her technology." Updated: More data has emerged on the machine

To that end, it has a complimentary embroidered case/sleeve and is approximately clutch purse-sized... with what could be a 10-inch widescreen. It looks like a UMPC-style notebook, but there's just no word at all on the specs of the device. And that's something that'd amuse and annoy many modern tech-passionate women I know. It'll be out in October, price still to be announced. [Crunchgear]

Update: Over at Laptopmag they've had a very short—restricted by a secretive HP—hands-on with the special notebook. HP is apparently labelling it a "Digital Clutch"-style product, but has declined to mention the device's name. It resembles the HP 2133 Mini-Note except that, as suspected, it has a 10-inch screen versus the 2133's 8.9-inches. The keyboard also appeared the same as the 92% Mini-Notes, as did the position of the trackpad and mouse keys.[Laptopmag]

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