HP Brings The iPAQ Back To Life In Style

HP iPAQ912 leaning - highres.jpgIt's hard to look at the new iPAQ from HP and wonder where it came from. In the past few years, the smartphone market has been dominated by Blackberry, Nokia, Palm and more recently Apple, while HP seems to have been suspiciously quiet. Sure, they had products, but more often than not they were as ugly as sin.

Clearly their time away from the limelight has given them a chance to consult the manual on style, because the iPAQ 912 looks the goods. A tri-band HSDPA handset, it features Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3-megapixel camera, touchscreen display and a qwerty keypad. It's obviously clearly targeted towards business users and comes complete with a suite of business software from HP built in.

But the best feature of all on this device is the price: $799. It's not locked to any carrier, either, meaning you can just drop your 3G SIM card in and you're away.

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