Hands On With Nyko Wing: Wii's Classic Controller Goes Wireless

Earlier today, Nyko unveiled the Wing, a wireless controller for the Wii, based on Nintendo's own classic controller. Aside from the whole no wires thing, they've put their own spin on the accessory by tweaking the ergonomics, incorporating a battery charger, and adjusting the button spacing. After spending a bit of time playing some Megaman 9 and Street Fighter II with the Wing, I think it's a suitable classic controller alternative when it hits stores in mid-October.

The big thing here I'm a fan of is the lack of wires between the Wing and the Wiimote. It's always awkward finding somewhere for the Wiimote to sit, and it frequently falls off my lap/couch/table, causing a distraction. The Wing uses a RF dongle that plugs into the bottom of the Wiimote and has a range of 10 feet. The controls generally felt as tight and responsive as the original classic controller, but did suffer the occasional glitch (Nyko attributes this to the controllers being engineering samples and assure it will not be a problem with the final product).

As far as design goes, the shape is more akin to a PS2 or Xbox 360 controller, and make the Wing fit in your hand more naturally than the classic controller. The four R buttons on top have also been adjusted and spaced so that its easier to distinguish and tap each one. The build quality is pretty decent, but not quite as nice as an official Nintendo product — which is to say that the Wing is more clicky and plastic feeling. But it's hardly a bargain bin product either.

And one of the neater additions is the mini-USB port included for charging batteries in the Wing. If you have rechargable batteries, you can plug in to a mini-USB cable and charge up the controller for another 30 hours of wireless play, making the battery process easier. As mentioned earlier, the Nyko Wing will arrive in stores around mid-October and with a US$30 pricetag, it's a pretty appealing product. [Nyko on Giz]

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