Hands On: Asus's AiGuru SV1 Grandma-Friendly Skype Videophone

OK guys, is it out yet or isn't it? This morning, official word of Asus's new AiGuru SV1, a standalone (no PC required) Skype videophone was released and then retracted—but here we are tonight at a media event in NYC and what do we see sitting on Skype's table? Not sure what the nervousness is about, cause the thing is pretty cool.

Just about everyone in Skype's market already has a PC or laptop they're going to be Skypin' from—but for those less comfortable with the whole "computer" thing it's a nice way to keep in touch. It connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and has a full contacts interface in Skype trademark bubbly style that I've always liked on a 7-inch screen. Video quality isn't amazing, but it does the job. Skype obviously really shines for cheap long distance, so if you've got an international Grams, get her this.

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