Guitar Hero World Tour Dated For Australia, Rock Band Nowhere In Sight

When you link the words "video games", "Australia" and "complete and utter failure", there are a few things that spring to mind: the lack of an R18+ rating, the refusal of classification of Fallout 3... Oh, and the failure of EA to launch Rock Band (or give any indication on the release of Rock Band 2).

Fortunately, Activision still knows that Australian gamers love to rock, and has announced the release date for their upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour game, which features a whole heap of extra instruments (like Rock Band), and music from Around the world.

The game is due to launch on November 12 in Australia according to GameSpot AU, although there's no mention of pricing for either the game or the peripherals. However, my guess is that those drums aren't going to come cheap...

If this was a "Battle of the Bands" type competition, Guitar Hero would have just won the heart of the naturally stunning Australian chick in the front row, right out from under the nose of the snobbish Rock Band band. And come November, I reckon that GH will be taking that Aussie chick (which means you, in case the metaphor isn't quite clear enough) on a stairway to heaven.


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