Gorenje Qube Foldable Hob Is the Laptop of Kitchens

Gorenje Qube Foldable Hob Is the Laptop of Kitchens

This is the Gorenje Foldable Qube prototype, a hob and hood system that can be hung on the wall of a small kitchen to save some serious space. It’s also a kitchen-to-go: “You can take it with you anywhere–just like a laptop”, told me the IFA booth laeedee. You know, for those very special times in which you need to cook anywhere else in the house but the kitchen:

• It's friday. You arrive home. You are drunk, like always. You have a Great Idea that, most probably, you will repent about the next morning. Knowing that you will spend the whole day in bed next saturday, you think about bringing the Qube foldable hob next to your bed, along with some bacon and eggs. You know, for brunch. You wake up on saturday with your face and chest covered with eggs, bacon in your underpants, olive oil on your hands, and a strange tingling sensation up your pooper. You repent. You don't want to know. You vow it will never happen again.

• It's friday. The next friday. You arrive home and you are drunk again. And hungry. You feel like banana pancakes. But you also feel like having a bath because you stink like a skunk dead from an overdose of MDMA and caipirinhas. Not knowing what to do, you go to the kitchen to get your Qube foldable hob, some bananas, pancake mix, maple syrup, and whipped cream to the bathtub. You wake up in the cold water next morning, two dozen pancakes floating on a mixture of water, maple syrup, and whipped cream. You can see last week's underpants lying on the floor, still with bacon in them. You notice the same tingling sensation, but you can't find any sign of the bananas. You repent again. A lot.

So maybe, the foldable hob to go thing is not such a good idea. Hanging it on the wall of a small kitchen, however, is a brilliant idea.

Gorenje Qube Fridge and Oven

They also had three beautiful stand-alone kitchen appliances in the same line--fridge and ovens--that are designed to be placed anywhere in your kitchen and easily moved around, like any piece of furniture. See them in video after the jump.

Gorenje Qube Top Oven

Unfortunately, these four kitchen appliances are still just prototypes. We were told the products will come to the market, but maybe not soon enough for me to install the wall-mounted Qube in my new apartment in New York. That if I can find an apartment before I leave at the end of this month. [More IFA 2008 Coverage]