Google's Petrol Price Tracker Gadget For iGoogle Tells You Where To Fill Up

Google gets it. They understand. While they're thinking about starting their own countries and creating a whole new mobile platform (and rolling around on rollerblades while doing it), they understand that regular folk are struggling, especially at the petrol pump.

That's why they've launched a gadget for iGoogle which tells you the price of any petrol station in Australia. They update the information twice daily - so the information is going to be fairly accurate - and you can search either by suburb, price or brand.

You can download the gadget for your iGoogle homepage here. It's a free download, so there isn't any reason why you shouldn't use it, unless of course you prefer to walk or catch public transport. In which case - kudos to you for being better than the rest of us...

[Google Australia Blog via Lifehacker]

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