Gold and Jewels Yalos LCD TV Costs Too Much, Looks Like It has The Pox

This Yalos LCD HDTV from Keymats is studded (I can't make myself use the word "encrusted") with 160 diamonds (plus rubys?) totalling at least 20 carats, is plated with white gold, has an ornate decorated rear face, and is clearly aimed at a niche market of punters with too much money and no sense of style. Because at first glance it looks like the set is suffering from a horrid skin disease, and you'd feel ever so dumb saying "No—look closely... They're jewels. Jewels!" over and over again. Check out the gallery to see more horrific be-jewelment, and then be prepared to fall off your chair when you find out its price.

The TV was shown at IFA recently, where it garnered a good chunk of interest.

And its price? Allegedly US$130,000. One hundred and thirty thousand smackeroos. That's almost as much as the 150-inch Panasonic plasma TV, and this one is, what, 37-inches? And that's absolutely stark, raving bonkers. [Aving via Luxury Launches]

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