Gemalto Converges Two Things You Shouldn't: Adds DVD Track to SIM Card

Now the credit-card sized plastic thing that mobile phone SIM units are shipped in can carry the mobile's associated data files, thanks to Gemalto's DVD-SIM "Smart Video Card." In the name of convergence (and possibly environmental friendliness) the company is making the cards for the Italian operator Wind, where the DVD segment has drivers for PCs to allow wireless internet access. The data segment will fit up to 50MB, and it's clearly better than having a blank bit of plastic (which you normally bin anyway) and an additional CD. But I can see two problems: snapping off the SIM portion of the device is bound to leave you with little plasticky bits that unbalance the DVD part when you put it in a drive, and it's only going to work on tray-loading drives. Convergence gone mad. [Intomobile]

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