Garmin's Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts Come at a Price

Garmin's new fleet of GPS nav units looks fantastic, especially in light of a particular feature: Free traffic alerts lasting the lifetime of your Garmin product. But according to the first review of the nüvi 755T by PC Magazine, Garmin is coincidently preloading map screen with clickable ads (probably to offset traffic alert costs). From PCMag:

One gripe: The nüvi 755T comes with advertisements. My evaluation unit arrived with three preloaded vendors (BP, Walgreens, and Wells Fargo). When you access the traffic menu, one of these advertiser's names always appears at the bottom of the screen. Also, from time to time, one of these ads will pop up on the map view screen (they won't appear when you are in motion). A single tap of the advertisers' name will perform a POI search for nearby retail locations. Unfortunately, you can't disable these ads, but it's likely that they help Garmin offset the cost of the live traffic information that it offers free.

I, for one, would rather lose live traffic updates than gain ads—or at least have the option to turn them both off. But that's just me. [PCMag via GPS Tracklog]

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