Future Victim of Everest to Ride Down Mountain on a Unicycle

The words "extreme" and "unicycle" should never be uttered in the same breath—unless you are referring to British mountaineer Steve Colligan. Starting next week he will attempt to traverse a 965km stretch of the Himalayas from Lhasa in Tibet to Kathmandu in Nepal, via Everest base camp riding on a mountain unicycle.

At 47 years old, Colligan has decided to attempt the record-breaking feat in order to raise money for a school in Nepal (and undoubtedly to become the greatest unicyclist of all-time). He plans on achieving this dangerous feat with his trusty distance unicycle, fitted with an off-road tire. No word on whether he will sport a wig, parachute pants and a clown nose during the attempt. You laugh, but it could help keep him warm up there. [Metro]

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