Cheap Looking MP4 Players Help You Quit Smoking, Lose Weight

Cheap Looking MP4 Players Help You Quit Smoking, Lose Weight

ThinkQuitplayeraudio.jpgFrom what I’ve heard, quitting smoking/losing weight/falling asleep can be hard. That’s why there are so many fat insomniac smokers around, I guess. Fortunately I saw an ad on TV the other night that put my mind at ease, or at least would have if I was either a smoker, fat or had trouble sleeping.

Some hypnotherapist by the name of Mark Stephens is selling his treatments for each of these maladies via gadgets. To counter smoking and obesity, he’s got MP4 players loaded with audio and video that he claims will help you give up the fags / junk food within days. If you struggle sleeping, there’s an MP3 player with soothing music and relaxing stuff to help you unwind in bed.

The MP4 player looks as cheap as Chinese iPod knockoffs usually look, while the MP3 player looks like something I once got given as a freebie that had the world’s worst audio quality imaginable.

Once you’ve been cured of your malady, I’ve no idea whether or not you can delete all that hypnotherapy stuff for some heavy metal, but part of me doubts it.

Each of the gadgets costs $297, so those obese insomniac smokers are going to have a fair amount to pay. But still, if it works, that could be a small price to pay. And everyone knows that doing stuff is easier with gadgets, right? Right?

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