French Train Operator Trials RFID Payment Card with USB Connection

No matter the fuss about RFID hacking, France's national train operator SNCF is trialling a single-user RFID payment system for journeys on its network. The Weneo card is no flimsy card with a simple embedded chip however: it's a thick gizmo with 4GB aboard and a USB plug. Shoving it into a PC takes the user directly to SNCF's website, where they can charge up the card's credit. Sounds all very groovy, but since the card also contains a chunk of personal data, like status as a student or senior citizen or "amount of money the cardholder has available for purchases" (why the heck is that there?) it strikes me as something that'd be pretty worrying to lose/get hacked. On trial for 1,000 users currently. [RFIDJournal via Nowhereelse—in French]

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