Foxtel Changing Their Pricing Structure From November 1

Insitu Tight Foxtel HD.jpgFoxtel subscribers are going to find their bills adjusted slightly just before Christmas as the Pay TV operator is changing its pricing structure. For most people this will probably mean you'll be paying a little bit more, for some people it will actually mean they get their Foxtel cheaper.

The basic package price will go up from $37.95 to $40, but the monthly subscription cost for iQ owners will come down from $14.95 to $10. A lot of plans will round up an extra five cents (like My Showtime, which goes from $15.95 to $16, yet My Sport goes down from $17.95 to $16.

On Demand Movies will also get a price drop, from $5.95 to $5.50 for standard movies and $6.95 to $6 for HD movies.

All in all, it probably won't make too much of a difference to your bottom line each month, although the rounded figures will make it easier for most people to know what they're spending.

[Foxtel via Lifehacker]

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