Foxl Portable Speaker: 'No System So Small Ever Sounded So Good'

The lads over at Sound & Vision were among the most fervent to review the Foxl portable, a 14cm speaker with integrated lithium-ion battery, 3.5mm jack and USB-in for US$180. (There's also a Bluetooth version for US$250.) We've seen these tiny speakers before, and they've definitely gotten better over time. But this Foxl unit caught our eye because Sound & Vision simply gushes over the audio quality, comparing it to systems 10 times the price.

Lab Testing:

The frequency response of the Foxl looks like that of a well-engineered, US$2,000-per-pair bookshelf speaker.

General Conclusions:

My house is full of fantastic audio gear, including a couple of excellent home theatre sound systems and a multiroom audio rig. I'm guessing, though, that this little US$199 system will have at least as big an impact on my life as any of them...Some people may be turned off by the Foxl's price; most systems of its size go for about US$40. But those who value good sound will consider it a bargain — and, perhaps, something of a miracle.

Read the full review over at Sound & Vision. [soundmatters and Sound & Vision]

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