Flight Attendants Are Latest Group to Poo Poo Wireless Network Porn on Planes

Flight attendants are the latest group looking to put the kibosh on in-flight porn, which they say is polluting the airways thanks to the new American Airlines in-flight wireless network. Taking a page from Focus on the Family, the 19,000-strong union is looking to filter the content web surfers can access in the air. But is the air really getting polluted with porn? As is the case most of the time, Association of Professional Flight Attendants reps couldn't produce specific examples of "alternative" in-flight entertainment, but did say "a lot of complaints" were raised by attendants and passengers alike.

It's also worth noting there's nothing new about passengers viewing offensive materials during a flight. Said Tim Smith, a spokesman for AA, "Customers viewing inappropriate material on board a flight is not a new scenario for our crews, who have always managed this issue with great success.''

So let's throw this out to the community today. Is porn on planes a problem for you? Should flight attendants have to become "moral policeman," as they fear they will become in the Bloomberg article? Should people who can't go without porn or violent imagery for the duration of a five-hour flight really be allowed to go on airplanes to begin with? By all means, dish. Just keep it, ah, clean. [Bloomberg via Wired]

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