Fingers On: Pervy Japanese 'Boob Engineer's' Breast-Fondling App For iPhone

Not satisfied with the amount of boob-touching going on in real life (shocking!), a Japanese programmer after our own hearts created paiTouch (oh wit! pai = slang for boobs)—an iPhone touchscreen version of his much more intensive Flash simulator complete with motion physics algorithms for "realistic" jiggling and plenty of customisable parameters. The iPhone webapp port runs in javascript and is a little jerky—if it looks like you're pushing an unresponsive milk puddle around a black screen, you would be right—a far cry from the "oppai enjinia's" promised "Tits always in the pocket" (Google Translate's words not mine!). But hats off for trying. Check the Flash version here (pretty much SFW, aside from the creep-o factor) for the true experience. [Technohippy (Translated) via Crunch Gear]

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