ESPN NFL Sunday Countdown Now Features Virtual 'Augmented Reality' Madden Players

Like it or not, the NFL 2008/2009 season is in full effect today. What's a jock-hating geek to do? Well, how about compromise? That's what EA and ESPN are doing with their NFL Sunday Countdown coverage today, as the two mega brands have reached an agreement that puts the Madden franchise front and centre on any given Sunday. Called the EA Sports Virtual Playbook, it will combine ESPN talking heads with virtual players (see pic). What would have happened if Tom Brady threw a quick out to Wes Welker, instead of that incomplete to Randy Moss? Now ESPN can show you, thanks to the software and a special digital camera. Of course, if you're like me and hate Madden (preferring instead the blocky goodness of yesteryear's Tecmo Super Bowl), you're still out of luck. [Gamespot]

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