Do You Want Wi-Fi with That? Zune Users Get Free Net Access at McDonalds

Zune owners are getting free Wi-Fi access at McDonalds, as well as the 3.0 software today. It's using the Wayport Wi-Fi system at about 10,000 stores, and as a Wayport spokesman puts it, it lets them "attract new customers whose digital lifestyle extends beyond their home and office." Yep, out of the home and office...and into the burger joint. Great if you've got a Zune, and were jealous of the Starbucks/Apple Wi-Fi tie-up (which, and it may be just me, is a far "classier" deal, no?) [Zuneboards. Thanks Joel!]

AU: Totally awesome if you happen to own a Zune and happen to live in the US - in other words, even if you do own a Zune (lucky you), this won't be happening in Oz anytime soon...

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