Dancing Queens Power Up Dutch Club

If you go to the Netherlands—where I was last week, visiting Philips—remember to go to WATT in between visits to all those Coffee Shops, a club in which you can get drunk, dance, and maybe snog someone while actually helping to save the planet. The whole disco has been designed to save energy and carbon emissions, starting with its power-generating dance floor.

The dance floor doesn't only generate its own power, but it also becomes "more dynamic" the more people move and jump, lighting up and giving feedback on the amount of power generated. According to one of the designers, "when you start dancing, you generate electricity, and it makes the floor come alive. The more you dance, the more the floor comes to life."

WATT also has other green features, like cold drinks stored deep in the basement to save energy on the cooling, and also some crazy stuff, like a rain water recycling system for the toilets. In fact, the water itself travels from the roof to the toilets through transparent tubes, so people are aware about its origin.

The place was designed by Sustainable DanceClub, a consultancy firm dedicated to saving the world one ABBA song at a time. According to them, they "want to show that sustainability can be integrated into lifestyles, and integrating it into something fun shows that sustainability can be fun". We agree. And at last, it's friday. [Reuters]

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