Crunch Your Nuts Into Butter With The Peanut Butter Machine

ImageIf I was one of those people who liked peanut butter – and I’m not – then I’d be all over this kitchen gadget like, well, like peanut butter on toast. Stick your peanuts in, select whether you’re a crunchy or a smooth (but never oily or dry – wait was that the Kraft Peanut butter ad from years ago coming back to haunt this post? Anyway…) kind of guy and then blend away.

The best part is that it’s not just peanuts that can be butterised – stick in macadamias, sunflowers, cashews… whatever nut job you want, it’ll handle.

Of course, it’s a $US50 US-only product at the moment, but one day we’ll get the freedom to make our own nut butter down under.

Damn that sounded wrong…

[The Lighter Side via Babblebaby]