China Launch Success Hits Web Hours Before Actual Blast-Off

China has successfully launched their Shenzhou 7 mission this morning. It will be their first-ever spacewalk and a major steps towards their trip to the Moon, so its completion is vital not only for their space program but also for Chinese propaganda. So vital that a full article describing the success of the launch was actually written and posted hours before the actual launch, including descriptions and astronauts' dialogue that never happened:

After this order, signal lights all were switched on, various data show up on rows of screens, hundreds of technicians staring at the screens, without missing any slightest changes ...

'One minute to go!'

'Changjiang No.1 found the target!'


The firm voice of the controller broke the silence of the whole ship. Now, the target is captured 12 seconds ahead of the predicted time


'The air pressure in the cabin is normal!'

Ten minutes later, the ship disappears below the horizon. Warm clapping and excited cheering breaks the night sky, echoing across the silent Pacific Ocean.

And people wonder why the tin-foil hatters think we never went to the Moon. [AP and AP]

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