Casio Claims Highest Density TFT With 960x540 in 2 Inches

Fresh from the arms-races-that-I-didn't-even-know-were-happening department comes Casio's latest venture in ultra-high density LCD panels, which has resulted in a 546ppi, 960x540, 2.0-inch TFT. To put that into real-world terms (or "iPhone terms" as they're called around here), that means that this display is over three times as dense as the iPhone's already lush 160ppi panel. A less useful (but more entertaining) way to explain this would be to say that if the tech could be scaled to suit a 40-inch widescreen TV, it would have a stunning resolution of 10800p.

Consumers' main contact point with high density LCDs is through mobile phones and personal media players, which will be the likely application for this new tech. In hardware such as phones, though, the screen will typically be far enough from users' eyes that the increase in density will go unnoticed (at arm's length my HTC Touch Diamond's screen, at a measly 260ppi, is as sharp as I can discern). Honestly though, can anyone say they wouldn't be at least a little excited by a 720p iPod? Thought so. [Casio via Akihabara]

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