Canon's Photo5 Competition Opens For Registration Today

photo5.jpgThis isn't the kind of story we'd usually post on Giz, but it's a Friday afternoon, it's been raining consistently for the past two hours outside my window and some of you might be talented enough to walk away winners.

Canon's second annual Photo5 competition opens for registrations today. If you're not aware, Photo5 is a competition where you register, then Canon sends you a box with five different items inside. You take photos of each of those items, enter one photo for each item and the best photos walk away with part of a $50,000 prize pool of EOS products. Who knows, by the time the winner is selected that might include a 5D Mk II...

It's open to both professional and amateur photographers as well, so there's nothing stopping you from registering and entering. Hit the link to get the process started.

[Canon Photo5 Registration]

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