Canon EOS 50D Hands-on Photos Hit the Web

First we had the leaked info, then some official-looking shots, and now, at last, some proper hands-on images of Canon's upcoming EOS 50D pro-consumer DSLR have hit the intertubes over at Impress. According to the guys there the cam feels a lot like the 40D to hold, but it's a tad easier to grip. It's got a screen that's easier to read, they like the tweaked user interface, the new "creative fully automatic" CA mode, and the 6.3 fps shooting speed (there's an audio file of the cam in action here.) None of that is a surprise, given the evolution heritage of the camera. Check out the gallery, with full images over at the Impress link. Update: Dpreview also has a set of hands-on photos and review, made soon after the 50D's announcement. [Impress]

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