Buy 300 Pieces of Verizon Wireless Swag To Impersonate a Verizon Wireless Employee

Have you ever wanted to impersonate a Verizon Wireless employee? This is your chance! Some former employee is now auctioning off his sad, sordid history with the company (he actually saved up 300 different pieces of flair from his time there) to the highest bidder. There are mobile phone holsters, fanny packs, flip flops, balloons (never been blown), candy bars, bandanas, photo frames, mobile phones, beach volleyball blow-ups, lunch bags, ankle socks, SPF30 sunblock, licence plate with "very catchy and clever saying" (guess what it is), and various other things nobody would ever buy used. As a bonus game, guess the end price of this listing in the comments. [eBay - Thanks Tim!]

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