Brudelli's Three-Wheeled Leanster: Menage a Trois Redefined

The term "third wheel" used to identify something extraneous, but in the case of Brudelli's three-wheelin' Leanster motorbike-three-wheeler off-road hybrid, it means 50% more fun. If the Leanster looks familiar, you may be thinking of Piaggio's scooter-platform MP3 leaning machine. The Piaggio is nice on paved roads; the Brudelli is built for getting dirty all over.

Designed from a motocross dirtbike—the powerful KTM 690 Supermoto to be specific—it can manage speeds at just over 160kph, and travel on tarmac and race tracks as well as on gravel roads and icy highways. And lest you think that third wheel, added for traction, means no more controlled powerslides, well, you're mistaken, my Evel Knievel worshipping friend. Hit the following link for a ton more photos. [Gizmag]

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