BrickArms Zombie Defence Weapons Pack Features Glowing Minifig Zombie Head

When we last heard from Lego minifig arms dealer BrickArms, they were telling our own Jesus Diaz all about their line of grenade launchers, assault rifles, and other plastic death-dealing wares. This weekend, in preparation for BrickCon 2008, the outfit has teamed up with The Brothers Brick to protect Legoland from the zombie horde. Zombie movie aficionados will immediately recognise a few weapons staples in this pack, which includes shotguns, bipods, and those backup weapons you'll inevitably need when the main arsenal runs out of ammo.

The full weapons pack includes:

* SW500 Magnum Revolver (for stopping power; x2)
* M21 Sniper Rifle (for keeping your distance)
* Mk48 Mod 0 Machine Gun
* AK Assault Rifle (doesn't jam as easily as the M4/M16)
* Uzi Submachine Gun (x2)
* Bipod (x2) and Monopod (x3)
* Combat Shotgun (brand-new prototype)
* M1 Garand Rifle (in black)
* M1 1911 .45 Pistol (backup weapon #1)
* Baseball Bat (backup weapon #2)
* Glow-in-the-dark Zombie Head

The pack will be available for sale at the BrickArms booth at BrickCon 2008, next week. [BrickArms via Brothers Brick]

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