Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

breakfast-frenchtoast.jpgLarge Hadron Collider: Why You Really Won’t Die Today
Wait – I’m alive? I’m ALIVE! I’m ALIIIIIIIIVE!

FitBit is Clip-On Wireless Exercise-Tracker, Monitors Your Sleep Too
Without monitoring how I sleep, I’ll never get fit.

Blindingly Fast Touchscreen Text Entry System Gets a Push By Creator of T9
Oh, that looks impressive. Now to get it as standard on touchscreen phones…

The Nintoaster: Breakfast of Champions
Wish I’d gotten one of these for my wedding…

Giz Explains: Why HD Video Downloads Aren’t Very High Def
And probably the number one reason Apple didn’t launch HD TV shows in Oz yesterday.

Rumour: Apple MacBook Event on Oct. 14
Apple like to milk it, don’t they?