Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast-porridge.jpgRetromodo: Old Microsoft Ads Were Just As Weird As New Ones
Makes Seinfeld look like a masterstroke, doesn’t it? No? What do you mean?

Majority of US E-Waste Gets ‘Recycled’ in Asia, Where Recycling Is Often Non-Existent
Another hurdle in the e-waste recycling system.

Bad News: Mobile Phones Make Your Sperm Stupid
Here’s hoping our kids are born with built-in Wi-Fi…

First Shots of HTC Dream Fondled in the Wild
Wow, this actually looks nice. Who else is excited for the announcement this week?

Windows 7 Does Look Just Like Vista
Deja Vu. And not the good kind…

A Taste of the Canon 5D Mark II’s Mindblowing Full HD Video
I must have this camera.

Microsoft ‘I’m a PC’ Ads Were Created Using a Mac
How long until we see Apple using this in their ads?