Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

breakfast-porridge.jpgNero LiquidTV Software Builds a Whole TiVo into Your PC
If this is available in Australia, Channel 7 aren’t going to be happy campers…

Nintendo Neither Confirms Nor Denies New DS
That sounds promising. New DS Lites FTW?

SpaceX Falcon Video Shows How Simple a 10-Minute Ride to Orbit Is
Intergalactic travel for the common Gizmodo ed just got one step closer. Still lots of steps to go though…

Microsoft to Develop Voice-Recognition iPhone App Via Subsidiary Tellme
For some reason, I have a strange desire to listen to R.E.M.

Toshiba HD DVD Players Get Firmware Update

The Dark Knight Blu-ray: Crushing Nielsen Ratings December 9th
I’d ask for it for Xmas, but who can wait that long?