BlizzCon 2008 Showing On Pay-Per-View

I've generally found that the only people who get to enjoy pay-per-view entertainment on Foxtel (or Austar and Optus) are those who like watching grown men fight with eachother (boxing) or pretend to fight with eachother (professional wrestling). Now a third group of people are being catered for: the gaming geek.

Main Event is broadcasting Blizzard's annual conference, BlizzCon 2008 over two days in October. And while I personally can't justify $30 over two days to watch stuff I can read on Kotaku, I'm sure there's plenty of you guys who will thoroughly enjoy the experience. Plus, if you buy both days, you get some weird polar bear thing (WOW isn't my thing, I'm afraid).

So the question needs to be asked: how many of you guys are thinking about buying this? Even if it's just for the cosplay?

[Main Event]

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