Bird's Nest Architects Latest Unveiling: A Vertigo-Inducting Jenga Apartment Tower in NYC

Fresh off the billions of eyes that have been on the beautiful Beijing National Stadium, Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron have set their sights on NYC with this incredible 57-story residential tower, unveiled today. It consists of 145 unique apartments that are stacked into the sky like a Jenga tower that's already been well-poked by a party of well-lubricated players. Especially when you get up to the penthouse level—if you're motion sick, you might want to think twice about dropping US$33 mil for such a beautiful place when you'll wake up every morning feeling like you're dangling off a cliff...

Yeah, yikes. If anyone goes for custom glass flooring, there better be plenty of airsickness bags on hand. The building, which will be built in Tribeca at 56 Leonard Street, uses extreme cantilevers to achieve a look that H&M describe as "pixelated vertical layering." Or, stacked shanty town trailers.

Herzog and de Meuron designed just about every aspect of the interiors as well, from the 12-foot glass doors that open out onto your private deck, the massive floor-to-ceiling fireplaces—even the coloring of the individual interior elements. If you want to live in an apartment designed by the same folks that brought us one of the coolest works of architecture of the 20th century (and you've got US$3.5 mil for a small, low shanty or US$33 mil for a top shanty), this is your place.


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