Bike Speaker Shows the World that This Biker Really Loves Chingy

Speakers on bikes always seemed like kind of a bad idea to me. I mean, it's the equivalent of being one of those guys who drives around with a huge sound system. The music isn't for you, it's for everyone you drive past. You want them to know how cool you are for the music you listen to, and you end up looking like a jackass. Do you want to be like that guy, but on a bike with much crappier speakers? If so, read on!

The CyFi is a wireless speaker that mounts on your handlebars. It's got a wireless protocol that runs on the 2.4 GHz frequency, requiring a dongle for your audio player of choice. There's also a Bluetooth version for your mobile phone, if you swing that way. The dongle version will set you back US$200, with the A2DP Bluetooth model running US$180, each of which will be available on September 22nd. [Product Page via Gadget Lab]

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