Beloved Useless Zip Drives Are Made Lovable Again... In Marionette Form!

Who doesn't love a Zip drive? With their sweet 100MB of magnetic memory, they used to save my arse back in the day. (My Performa 6400 even had an internal Zip drive.) And who doesn't love a marionette? With their beady eyes and history of horror-film animation, they touch the heart of any child from 1 to 100, sometimes with a knife. Put the two together, and what do you get?

Make just posted a piece on how to turn the now useless drives into one of these playful cybernetically styled puppets. (It's called Zippy. Get it?) The one thing that throws me off is this: The actual Boy Scout who is ostensibly masterminding this transformation probably wasn't alive when the Zip drive was popular. Somebody definitely put him up to it. I'm guessing it was his dad. [Make]

Note: Save that link, because tomorrow morning Make will post a full video of Zip drive marionette making for you to watch—from what I can tell, it's antiquated computer hardware fun for the whole family!

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