Bandai's Luminodot: Lite-Brite HD For Big Kids

For those of us who grew up sticking coloured plastic pegs into a black board, Bandai Japan has gone all the way and brought our favourite toy up to its full potential—this is the Lite-Brite we always knew we wanted. The Luminodot packs a super-dense 70x50 grid, which accommodates 3,500 light pegs on a slick HDTV-looking frame. And as shown by the appropriately hallucinogenic demo video (skeletons riding donkeys, etc), its programmable backlight animation function makes the perfect pixel-art canvas.

It's sadly Japan-only for the moment, where it sells for around $100. But there's a cool Flash simulator on Bandai's site where you can play with a virtual Luminodot and plan your designs with PDF templates. But I want this thing sitting on my desk.

[Luminodot (Japanese) via Technabob]

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