Australian iPod Pricing Bonanza!

new nanos.jpgOkay, so after the overnight feed the last thing some of you guys really want to see is more Apple coverage. Well, too bad. There are also some of you who want the lowdown on Aussie pricing. So for those readers, here it is:iPod Shuffle: $65 (1GB); $89 (2GB) (No change in price, but new colours. Huzzah!) iPod Nano: $199 (8GB); $279 (16GB) (Both sizes are available in all the new colours, as well.) iPod Classic: $339 (120GB) iPod Touch: $329 (8GB); $419 (16GB); $549 (32GB)

Not the same level of price drops in the iPod Touch range as the US got, which is a bit disappointing. But it's obvious that this event was all about the Nano.


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