Asus' N10 Non-Eee UMPC Gets Some Hands-On Action, More Specs

While information has been arriving in fits and starts on Asus' new N10 non-Eee ultra-portable, over at Laptopmag they got a teeny hands-on view of the PC. The 10-inch machine (which Asus was keen to stress as a notebook not a netbook) is due to come in N10E and N10J versions, with the main differences being the HDD and graphics: the E version has 160GB HDD and Intel integrated graphics, while the J version gets 320GB and a switchable Integrated Intel or Nvidia GeForce 9300 MS package that we mentioned before. The battery life is now quoted at "6 to 12 hours" with a six-cell battery, which sounds even more incredible than the previous 6.5 hour figure. Finally, the pricing for the N10E's been set at $US599, and the N10J's gone down to $US699, which should be welcome news for Asus fans. [Laptopmag]

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