Astrobiology Rap Proves That Science Is Fun, Nothing Really Rhymes with Abiogenesis

If the fantastic Large Hadron Collider rap was too esoteric for your tastes, Oort Kuiper's Astrobiology rap, commissioned by a European astronomy magazine, probably won't find its way onto your prestigious and exclusive "muzic 4 drivin' 'n' shit" playlist. But, in the spirit of science, consider the facts:

The song has a beat, therefore it can technically be nodded, hobbled or even danced to. The rapper's name is a combination of not one, but two different astronomical phenomena, and Frank Drake (you know, like the equation) appears to be Kuiper's Suge Knight. Last but not least, in the middle of a fairly compelling and entertaining account of the history of manned space travel, listeners are treated to a voiceover by Carl goddamn Sagan, a man who died well before he could ever realise his potential in the music industry. Oort Kuiper's biggest question might be "where did life come from?" but after listening to this song, a more important question is "when will Oort Kuiper make another song?" [AMEE via Slashdot]

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