Art Lebedev Develops WiMax, Tri-Band GSM Handset

Earlier this month Russian carrier Scartel partnered with Samsung to bring a WiMax network to around 20 million potential customers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They have big plans on expanding that network throughout the country, so it only made sense to turn to Russia's premier design team at Art Lebedev to develop a flagship headset to take advantage of their the WiMax rollout. What they have come up with is a hot looking WiMax, Wi-Fi and triple-band GSM capable handset with a 850 x 480 screen (most likely touch), dual cameras, a five-position joystick and a microSD slot. Again, this device is only in the design stage and there is no word on what OS it will run, but things are definitely looking good for Russian mobile users so far.

[Art Lebedev via Pocket-Lint and Unstrung]

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